100% Organic, natural and unrefined body butters & scrubs - made by hand amongst the cypress, firs, and redwoods of Kings Mountain in Woodside CA

Hello and Welcome!

This endeavour was begun as an answer to my dry skin challenges made worse by age on one hand - but also because we live at the top of the Santa Cruz Mountains above the Pacific Ocean. We live at the crest of the mountain range on a horse ranch overlooking Half Moon Bay and the San Mateo County coast on one side and the beautiful San Francisco Peninsula on the other. Idyllic in most ways, but difficult to keep the skin hydrated and the bugs at bay.

After years of spending more than a small amount of money on various expensive cremes, salves and lotions, I came upon the idea of creating my own after a nasty encounter with a TSA agent who removed said balms from my possession at the debut of a recent Hawaiian sojourn. Coconut oil became my best friend in the islands, and I began to combine it with other natural butters and oils once I got back.

With much trial and error...actually not too much error thank the fates...I've created some rather luxurious and highly effective butters, balms and scrubs that have my skin glowing with health - and like satin to the touch. My friends have been willing guinea pigs, and now they too are looking and feeling pretty spiffy.

So with this store, I offer you the opportunity to have these handmade butters and scrubs right in your home and on your skin. My partner and I live two places primarily - Woodside and South Lake Tahoe, CA - and I've customized my products to fit the two climates. For the dryness of the coast, which is similar in many ways to the dryness we experience when in the desert just not as pronounced, I offer the Cypress Ridge (CR) Body Products line. For the mountains, I make the Balboa Bear (BB) line - named for the rather large brown bear that lives on our block and uses our driveway and yard as his main path to neighbors fruit trees. His picture graces all BB products. These concoctions are made a little more rich to counter the elements.

In both places, I swim three to five times a week and so my skin demands as much help as it can get. Age, chlorine, sun, and wind make quite formidable opponents to better epidermal health, but I think you will find a good answer as to how to best that challenge right here.

Also, I've come up with a very effective natural and non-chemical insect repellent using all organic oils and butters. In these days of Zika and West Nile viruses...plus the usual and seasonal onslaught of mosquitoes, flies and bees...my body butter and accompanying body scrub that is also an insect repellent serves quite nicely. Mother Nature has provided several options for how to keep the bugs away. I'm proud to have combined the best to work for us all right here. No chemicals, ever!

There are various sizes to select from. Especially helpful is the 2oz travel size. TSA will have to search elsewhere to toss the good stuff! And if you would like to have a size that isn't featured here, I'm happy to custom create a product for you.

Take a look, give my products a try, and should you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email. I'll get back to you quite promptly.


These products are great for men, too. Just ask my krusty beloved...who isn't so krusty anymore! :)

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