Axel+ Sun Protector is great for people of all ages, but especially babies. No harmful chemicals, lasts for hours in the sun or in the sea. 50+spf using non-nano zinc oxide.

We have five grandsons. The youngest two came into this world only using Axel Grease as their overall body salve, but always in use to keep diaper rash at bay. Again, shea butter, calendula and other super oils make this a must have for babies of all ages. :)

Beautiful smooth and silky finish to this butter which contains argan and calendula. So good for the skin, and not quite as emollient as our Shea Argan butter. Works wonderfully for those who don't too much oil on their skin but want all the benefits these great ingredients offer. Calendula is a magic flower. Healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory. Check it out!

Absolutely the most refreshing skin brightener you can find anywhere! Wakes you up and makes you smile when you use it. And you look ten years younger a number of my clients say! Hello!!!

Most emollient body butter I make. Superior for those with eczema, psoriasis or any kind of similar skin condition. Argan oil is the essence! Very simple, very good!

Great insect repellent that keeps all the buggies away. Marvelous for indoor or outdoor use, but especially loved by those who hike and bike. No chemicals so safe for babies and adults.

CR Love or message me about ordering! It is the BEST!

No chemicals, smells great, and highly antimicrobial. Love Lube!

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